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Within EuroFaculty project at the Department of Economics five working groups were established. Their tasks are to organise common work of Western and Russian professors and experts. Each of the working groups has its own subject of investigation and improvement and so the general outcome of the working groups operation will be the achievement of the project's goals - modernisation of the whole curricula at the Department of Economics KSU up to international standards.

Working groups and field of their responsibilities are the following:

Workgroup on Basic Course. It is responsible for the section of common courses for all the students at the Department (for all the specialities). Its task is to build a sufficient academic basis on Economics and Business that would let students efficiently continue their education within one of the specialities at the Department and professionally improve or re-specialise themselves after graduation from the University.


Workgroup on Finance. It deals with speciality 'Finance and Credit' at the Department of Economics. Its main task is to ensure that University graduates in this specility will be prepared for operation in the field of corporate finance (financial management).


Workgroup on Management. It is in charge of 'Management' speciality and two specialisations - 'Strategic Management' and 'Investments Management'. The task is to bring those curricula to the international standards.


Workgroup on Marketing. This group improves curriculum on speciality 'Marketing' of KSU. This speciality is rather young at the Department of Economics so the task is to create it in the best way it is organised in the West.


Workgroup on Learning Centre prepares changes in learning methods used in the studies at the Department of  Economics KSU. In particular it works out a concept of the Learning Centre which brings together library, media and computer facilities in a new way in order to provide students and professors with facilities necessary for modern academic process.



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